Crude Oil Testing Service

Crude Oil Testing Service

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Crude Oil Rail Car Services Testing:

  1. Crude Oil by Rail DOT Classification Testing

  2. Unit trains, and individual railcars

  3. Chain of Custody procedures

  4. Sealing of rail stock

  5. Rail car crude oil sampling and testing

  6. Shore tank measurement, sampling, and testing

  7. Product movement activity

  8. Line pressure

  9. DCR probe check

  10. Hydrogen Sulfide(H2S)

Crude oil laboratory testing services:

  1. Hydrocarbons Field Sampling

  2. Petroleum Refinery Services

  3. Crude Oil and Petroleum Feedstocks Tests

  4. Crude Oil Assay

  5. Flash Assay

  6. Light-ends monitoring (Vapor Pressure, RVP)

  7. Wax and Water

And additional petroleum testing