Marine Testing Services

Marine Testing Services

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Marine Testing Services

Marine services:

Ship engine and power system lubricant analysis:

  1. Maritime and ship lubricant tests
  2. Oil Condition Monitoring Testing
  3. Ship Care Supports the Ship Industry

Ship marine fuel and bunker fuel testing and inspection:

  1. Bunker fuel testing
  2. Bunker quantity survey (BQS)
  3. Bunker fuel quality article
  4. Bunker fuel adulterant testing

Ship ballast and potable water testing:

  1. Microbial Testing and Sampling for Supply Boats and Standby Vessels

Ship fire foam testing:

  1. Fire Fighting Foam Testing

Additional maritime industry services:

  1. Marine Fuel Testing
  2. Deep water Offshore Services
  3. Marine Products Testing (Flammability)
  4. Unknown Sample (Total Analysis with it’s Name) & Etc