Polymer & Plastic Failure Analysis Testing Service

Polymer & Plastic Failure Analysis Testing Service

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Polymer and Plastic Failure Analysis Testing:

  1. Difficult or Challenging Polymer Samples

  2. Additives in Polymers and Elastomers

  3. Contaminants and Inclusions

  4. Mechanical Failure

  5. Chemical Attack

  6. Trace Chemical Analysis

  7. Oxidative Degradation

  8. Failure of Fibre-reinforced Composites

  9. Problems related to Polymer Additives

  10. Weathering

  11. Environmental Stress and Cracking

  12. Residual Stresses and Weld Lines

  13. Polymer Odour, Tainting and Outgassing problems

  14. Adhesion problems with Polymers and Interfaces

  15. Voids, Blisters, Nibs and other Surface Defects

  16. Polymer Discoloration

  17. And additional expertise

  18. Analytical Testing for Polymers

  19. Mechanical Testing for Polymers

  20. Metallurgical Failure Analysis Investigations

  21. Failure Analysis Laboratory