Textile and Auxiliaries Fabrics Testing Services

Textile and Auxiliaries Fabrics Testing Services

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Textile and Auxiliaries Fabrics Testing Services

Chemical Analysis of Textile and Auxiliaries



No. Test Parameters
1 pH(of aqueous extract Fab.)
2 Fiber Identification
3 % Blend
  (Additional each fiber)
4 Honey dew in raw cotton
5 Total size content
6 Scouring loss
7 Barium activity number
8 Wax/Oil content
9 Cupraammonium fluidity
10 Wett ability (Absorbency) of cotton
11 Water soluble matter
12 Nitrogen content
13 Identification of class of dyes


  Chemicals/Auxiliaries / Miscellaneous

No. Test Parameters
1 Solid Content
2 Ash content
3 Specific Gravity (using specific gravity bottle)
4 Melting Point
5 Calibration of Viscosity cup
6 Calibration of f fluidity tubes
7 Analysis of Starch
8 Analysis of TKP
9 Analysis of CMC
10 Analysis of Polyvinyl Alcohol
11 Analysis of Tallow
12 Analysis of wetting agent (Wetting power)
13 Ionic nature of surfactants
14 Active content in detergent
15 Analysis of sodium chloride
16 Analysis of sulphuric acid
17 Purity of sodium hydrosulphite
18 Acid value in oil/fats
19 Purity of Indigo
20 Chelating Value